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Path Notes Of A Warrior (Part I)

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One of the conflicts that arise in taking the martial path is that at some point there is a realization and even an impulse to shrink from the violence we see in the human condition. Although we are trained to perform violence when required and confront death in order to transcend the limits of worldly existence there is a dramatic moral crisis that is central to developing the faith needed to perform our sacred duty. A paradox interconnects disciplined action and freedom. We must explore within ourselves concepts such as duty, discipline, action and knowledge to allow for our ultimate understanding of phenomenal existence. Our freedom lies in disciplined action that is both performed without attachment to the action itself while being dedicated with loving devotion to those we hold dear. How can we continue to act in a world of pain without suffering and despair and enable ourselves as warriors to control our passion and become me of discipline? The real battlefield is the human body, where within this material realm we struggle to know oneself.

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