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Classical Samurai Warrior Arts

Ancient Martial Arts and Survival Skills for the Modern World

Come and experience what it was like to train as a Samurai Warrior  from one of the few schools to offer this rare glimpse into the ancient styles with a legitimate heritage and lineage linked to the Master teachers of Feudal Japan.

Unique To Our Training

The use of both ancient and modern weapons from sword and spear to handguns, automatic rifles and knives.

Dealing with multiple attackers both armed and unarmed.

Punching, kicking, grappling defense and offense.

Traditional Kobujutsu systems of Gyokko Ryu – Koshijutsu, Koto Ryu – Koppojutsu, Shinden Fudo Ryu – Dakentaijutsu, Takagi Yoshin Ryu – Jutaijutsu, and much much more.

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