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Most Martial Arts of today have drifted away from the combat realities of the past, and have become focused on specific areas of study. Bujutsu, however, continues to cover a wide range of skills relating to personal protection. The origin of Bujutsu stems from our need to protect precious life, what we hold valuable, and bring about righteousness through the techniques of perfecting the mind and body.

The goal of training in Bujutsu is to increase your odds of surviving any and all types of threatening situations. Being prepared for a wide range of possible threats requires more than just memorizing and practicing and a list of mechanical moves. In Myofu An Bujutsu the technical training, while quite effective on the physical level, serves a greater purpose as a means of developing appropriate physical and mental attitudes and approaches for dealing with all manners of problems, predictable or sudden. Bujutsu does not refer to a specific style, but more to a group of arts, each with a different point of view expressed by the individual Ryu or school. Bujutsu includes the study of both unarmed and armed combat live techniques, strategy, philosophy, and history. The main principles learned are posture, distance, rhythm and flow. By learning these principles you will not only learn to defend yourself but will instill a sense of calm and confidence that will radiate through all channels of your life in a positive way.

Authentic Samurai and Ninja Unarmed and Weapons Based Systems Tailored for the types of situations one is likely to encounter in the world we live in today, but taught virtually unchanged from the ancient methods passed down for the last thousand years.

Come experience what it was like to train as a Samurai Warrior or Mystic Ninja Spy and Assassin from one of the few schools to offer this rare glimpse into the ancient styles with a legitimate heritage and lineage linked to the Master Teachers of Feudal Japan.

Free class’s available in April, please contact the Dojo

http://www.myo-fu-an.com for more information

email: myofuansensei@gmail.com

phone: 603-673-5331

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