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The 10 Keys of Control


As we follow our opponent’s energy we must find a way to neutralize or deflect then change or reverse their attack. We do this with the 10 keys of control. Most people think of physical direction. There is up and down, left and right or any angle in between as well as forward and backward. If we add in the dimensions of space/ time, and creation through intention we approach a level of control of any situation that transcends blocking, punching and kicking to rudimentary and vulgar forms of interaction. Juppo Sessho is a means of training our awareness to be everywhere, linking our physical body to the universe. We must first receive our attack from a neutral place of no mind. Being soft we adhere to our opponents raising energy with automatic motion and peripheral awareness. We relax and allow our waist to turn, our joints to sink and a unity to form. As we follow the intention of our attacker we appear and disappear with artistry and precision, stepping consciously with peaceful or wrathful gaze. By borrowing and sinking we momentarily root to deliver power of central equilibrium. Using the energies of spiraling and explosive force we uproot and open, we split and we interrupt. The transference of power is only after drawing in your opponent both mentally and physically we borrow their strength and as if shooting an arrow or like a dog shaking water, strike, throw, or cut case by case.

Professor Leon Drucker

Myofu An Budo Dojo