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Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan

In our classes you will learn the traditional Yang Style Long Form at your own pace. Classes include the 108 movement form, philosophy, breathing and meditation, along with push hands and martial application of the movements.

Tai Chi Chuan, a style of Chinese Martial Arts, sometimes described as Poetry in Motion, with its gentle, slow and non-jarring movements produces a high degree of relaxation and a balanced unification of body and mind while stretching and toning the bodies muscles and circulating the internal healing energy (Chi). You are left feeling alert, revitalized, yet relaxed with increased focus, harmony, and strength for your daily life.

By increasing blood and oxygen circulation throughout the body, Tai Chi improves physical conditioning, decreases fatigue and develops endurance. Practice has been found to reduce blood pressure. As one progresses through the Tai Chi set, the heart rate increases to aerobic exercise levels while the movements promote deep relaxed breathing.

Natural correction of posture through the use of Tai Chi is achieved by movement promoting the proper alignment of the spine with the shoulders and pelvis. Flexibility of the joints is also fostered by slow sustained stretches. The practice of Tai Chi additionally involves use of all major skeletal muscle groups. Alternating slow stretching with full muscle contraction relieves muscle tension and improves tone. Strengthening the muscles of the lower back and abdomen is especially good for people with low back pain.

One of the major ways that Tai Chi helps the individual is its capacity to increase the local circulation of Chi, especially in the extremities. When an individual does Tai Chi sequence in a relaxed manner, the muscles around the veins, arteries, and nerves will be relaxed, allowing the Chi to distribute itself more evenly and to flow more easily in those particular areas. By improving the local circulation of Chi, less stress is put on the internal organs.

Through the combined effects of local circulation and deep breathing, Tai Chi practioners have found that the slow motion empty handed sequence can cure or help alleviate a variety of disorders.

In these days of high stress living, Tai Chi offers both a physical and mental outlet. The relaxed awareness with which Tai Chi is performed, produces effects similar to meditation.

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